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Tracy Bornman Wins “Kindest Kansas Citian” Distinction

by | May 12, 2023 | Blog, Firm News

Students in the greater KC area wrote and submitted one-page essays about the kindest person they know for Synergy Services’ 33rd Annual Kindest Kansas Citian Contest. Our partner, Cheryl Burbach’s 12-year-old daughter, Camille, nominated Tracy Bornman as kindest Kansas Citian and they were among the top 20 winners for 2023!

The popular contest has been a local tradition for students in grades K-12 since 1990. Synergy Services’ metro wide essay contest received thousands of nominations for Kindest Kansas Citians from area students. Camille’s essay and her kindest Kansas Citian nominee, Tracy Bornman, were selected as one of the Top 20 winners! A community committee selected student winners and their nominees from over 5,000 submissions.

Tracy is not only a kind person, but she also goes out of her way to help people and animals. She fosters dogs that have heart ripping backstories and turns them into perfect dogs for someone that will love them forever,” Camille wrote in her essay.

Winners were honored at the Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Celebration on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at Worlds of Fun. Thanks for nurturing kindness in Kansas City’s youth. Big congratulations to all the students and nominees. Such inspiring examples of kindness for Kansas City’s youth.

Learn more about Synergy Services and the great work they do. Read Camille’s award winning essay below.

Essay Information

Student Name: Camille
Grade: 6
Age: 12
Nominee Name: Tracy Bornman
Nominee relation: Adult friend

Written Essay

The dog whimpered, its back pressed against the metal back of the kennel. As the dog’s face loomed into the fluorescent light, you could see that her face was wrapped with a notable medical cloth. A woman found her shot in the woods. You could see the whole story just in the dog’s heartbroken eyes. Tracy Bornman is the kindest Kansas Citian because she is generous, affectionate, and thoughtful.

Tracy Bornman fosters dogs that have heart ripping backstories and turns them into perfect dogs for someone that will love them forever. Here is a story of a dog that was formerly known as Colonel. Colonel was found wandering the highway with some little scars near his eyes and on his nose. He was rescued and taken back to the shelter. But as this dog waits and waits just for someone to take him home with them, that day never came. So when Tracy came to the shelter looking for a new dog to foster, she found Colonel and was told by one of the employees “Oh yes, Colonel, he has been here for almost a year, and no one has adopted him yet.” Tracy started to wonder what was wrong, why no one would adopt him. She took him with her and after about four months, she discovered there was nothing wrong with him. That is when my mom and I learned about him and immediately fell in love.

Tracy has fostered many dogs, but this is the story of the dog with no name. This dog was found with no collar and nothing on her to identify whom she belonged to or where she came from, as she was completely anonymous. She was found shot in both her hip and along the head that barely missed her brain, which means that this was no accident that she was shot on purpose. She was very lucky to have been found as early because she had to be rushed to the vet, or she would have died. After, that she was fostered by Tracy and soon found her way to us. She lived a long happy life until she died at 15 from liver cancer. Lucky, Tracy was affectionate enough to help this dog survive.

Tracy does not just help animals, she also volunteers at a house for women and little girls that were abused, or homeless that were living in makeshift homes. She brings food for them and helps with the children. Also she helps the community around her, too, like giving to charity or picking up trash. She does this all because she is a thoughtful and kind person.
Tracy is not only a kind person, but she also goes out of her way to help people and animals. Even when it comes to holding a door for a stranger to giving a heartbroken dog a second chance. She does everything she can to be kind to everyone she comes across. Tracy has even helped my family by giving us two amazing dogs. Tracy Bornman is generous, thoughtful, affectionate, and which is why she should be the Kindest Kansas Citizen.


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