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Attorney Cheryl L. Burbach to speak at October IMA KC conference

We are proud to announce that Hovey Williams partner Cheryl L. Burbach will present on the topic “Do You Own Your Intellectual Property?” at the 2nd Annual IMA Kansas City Fall Conference on Friday, October 26. Her presentation will include important information on these topics: 

Where to seek support for intellectual property litigation issues

There are many reasons Kansas and Missouri residents may need support regarding intellectual property concerns, such as copyrights, patents or trade secrets. Intellectual property litigation is an area of law that has evolved alongside developments in technology and global commerce. Some property assets may even be 'ideas,' and problems can arise if disagreements occur regarding who owns a particular idea or whether someone's use of the idea infringes on another party's rights.

Technology and intellectual property litigation, often connected

Progress in technology creates entrepreneurial opportunities in the world of commerce. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives may even base their commercial success on innovations brought about by advanced technology. As the world of business has expanded along with technological advancements, so too have disputes about technological intellectual property become more complex, both in and out of the courtroom.

Strong support available for intellectual property litigation

As a business owner, inventor or creative artist in Kansas and Missouri (or elsewhere) it can be quite challenging to keep up with current marketing trends as well as intellectual property laws and other issues that may impact a product, idea or business plan. In the highly competitive business world, it's crucial to protect trade secrets, brand names, logos and client information as it is to protect a warehouse full of inventory. Those who fail to do so may run into infringement problems, which could lead to intellectual property litigation.

What is a cease and desist notice and when is it needed?

A cease and desist notice, frequently in the form of a letter, warns the addressee of illegal behavior that must be stopped to avoid further penalties. A cease and desist letter does not carry much legal bearing. Instead, it establishes offender notification should further legal action be necessary.


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