Our People: Experts In IP

Offering a high level of expertise and a genuine interest in the well-being and success of our clients, Hovey Williams is a product of its people. Led by our partner attorneys, our core team also includes associates, legal counsel and patent agents, to ensure that your IP is properly established, maintained and defended.

Our attorneys collectively have more than three centuries of experience in all areas of IP law. We’ve appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court, regional Courts of Appeal, the Federal Circuit for patent cases and state courts. And our practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office includes patent and trademark prosecution, appeals, oppositions, cancellations and interferences.

Helping ensure that you get the best outcomes, our extensive experience also enables us to operate more cost-effectively — which can result in significant savings for you. Click on the attorney links below to get started.


  • Tracy Borman, Partner

    Tracy L. Bornman
  • Scott R. Brown, Partner

    Scott R. Brown
  • burbach cheryl 250-250x250

    Cheryl L. Burbach
  • colombo andrew 250-250x250

    Andrew G. Colombo
  • cook crissa 250-250x250

    Crissa A. Seymour Cook
  • elbein mike-250x250-250x250

    Michael Elbein
  • Joan Optican Herman

    Joan Optican Herman
  • Michael B. Hurd

    Michael B. Hurd
  • Kameron D. Kelly

    Kameron D. Kelly
  • Thomas B. Luebbering

    Thomas B. Luebbering
  • Gregory J. Skoch

    Gregory J. Skoch
  • Paul J. Walker

    Paul J. Walker
  • Matthew B. Walters

    Matthew B. Walters
  • blank

  • blank

  • blank

  • blank

  • blank


  • C. Blair Barbieri

    C. Blair Barbieri
  • Chris W. Dawson

    Chris W. Dawson
  • Benjamin Grohmann
    Benjamin Grohmann
  • Stephen Huggins
    Stephen Huggins
  • Chad A. Kyle

    Chad A. Kyle
  • Kyle J. Mendenhall
    Kyle J. Mendenhall
  • schad dane2-250x248
    Dane A. Schad
  • Aaron Vanderpool

    Aaron Vanderpool
  • blank
  • blank
  • blank
  • blank

Senior Of Counsel

  • Michael Elbein

    Michael Elbein
  • blank
  • blank
  • blank
  • blank
  • blank

Of Counsel

  • John M. Collins

    John M. Collins
  • Todd A. Gangel

    Todd A. Gangel
  • Peter C. Knops

    Peter C. Knops
  • Randall W. Schwartz

    Randall W. Schwartz
  • Dianne M. Smith-Misemer

    Dianne M. Smith-Misemer
  • blank

Patent Agents

  • Jaclyn S. Alcantara

    Jaclyn S. Alcantara
  • Lisa M. Martin

    Lisa M. Martin
  • Richard G. Rozier
    Richard G. Rozier
  • blank
  • blank
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