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Sprint and Mediacom engaged in patent law battle

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

A federal court sitting in another state is handling an ongoing case involving telecommunications mogul, Sprint, and cable television and communications provider, Mediacom. The former has filed a lawsuit against the latter, claiming patent law violations. This particular situation is reportedly not the only litigation of its kind currently working its way through the nation’s civil justice system. Missouri patent owners may want to keep close tabs on this developing story as it may relate to their own circumstances.

As far as Sprint is concerned, Mediacom has infringed upon 13 of its patents in connection with its voice-over-packet technology. Sprint is currently seeking recovery for damages related to each specific patent. The company has also submitted a request that the court ban the sale of Mediacom products pending litigation.

It is not the first time Sprint has gone to bat to protect its VOP technology patents. In 2007, Vonage America Inc. was ordered to pay nearly $70 million to Sprint for patent infringement. Over the next two years, Sprint filed similar lawsuits against four other companies in a federal court in Kansas.

One of the largest payouts Sprint has received in patent litigation was against Time Warner Cable. In that case, the court ordered the defendant to pay Sprint $139.8 million. That dispute was centrally focused on digital voice phone services. Patent law disputes in Missouri or Kansas can be quite complex and difficult to navigate unless assistance is sought from an experienced business and commercial law attorney who has successfully litigated other intellectual property cases in the past.

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