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Strong support available for intellectual property litigation

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As a business owner, inventor or creative artist in Kansas and Missouri (or elsewhere) it can be quite challenging to keep up with current marketing trends as well as intellectual property laws and other issues that may impact a product, idea or business plan. In the highly competitive business world, it’s crucial to protect trade secrets, brand names, logos and client information as it is to protect a warehouse full of inventory. Those who fail to do so may run into infringement problems, which could lead to intellectual property litigation.

Where copyrights or patents are concerned, there are registration processes to help you protect your intellectual property from infringement. However, when it comes to client lists, formulas, designs or other trade secrets, there is no specific way to register such information. Intellectual property is, in fact, protected by law, but proving misuse or theft of trade secrets can be difficult.

This is why most savvy business owners, inventors and creative artists often rely on experienced and aggressive legal representation. Acting alongside the strongest support systems available when planning to address such matters in court may increase the chances of obtaining a swift, successful outcome. The Kansas City Business Journal recently listed Hovey Williams, LLP as the largest intellectual property law firm in this region.

With more than 85 years of intellectual property litigation experience, Hovey Williams, LLP provides business owners, organizations, inventors and others with sound counsel and aggressive advocacy in the courtroom. As one of the 24 largest law firms in Kansas and Missouri, our team is fully equipped and prepared to help you protect your intellectual property and business rights. If you’re currently facing a patent infringement or trade secret problem, you can take the first step toward a solution by requesting a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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