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Diversity Statement

Hovey Williams LLP believes that a talented and diverse firm culture provides a key competitive advantage not only for ourselves but for our clients as well. Hovey Williams LLP is dedicated to seeking out and retaining the finest individuals to ensure top business growth and performance. In doing so, we are fortunate to have a workforce that represents the varied and diverse community that we serve. The diversity at Hovey Williams LLP encompasses differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, military service, thinking styles, experience, and education. We believe the wide array of perspectives that results from such diversity promotes innovation and business success.

Hovey Williams LLP is proud to have a number of women in leadership roles within the firm and community. Nearly 50% of our firm’s owners are women. These same women devote their time and talent outside of work to a variety of civic and professional organizations that support and promote women in business and the legal profession, provide safe havens for victims of domestic abuse, promote the arts, and volunteer with animal rescue projects. The attorneys of Hovey Williams LLP also provide community service to organizations that raise money to provide shelter, medical care, and emergency services for those affected by HIV/AIDS and provide domestic violence, sexual assault, and hate crimes education and victim advocacy to the LGBTQ community.

Hovey Williams LLP treats all individuals with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realize their full potential within the company, regardless of their differences. We recognize the importance of reflecting the diversity of our clients and workforce. The diverse capabilities that reside within our attorneys and staff position Hovey Williams LLP to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our diverse clients, both domestically and internationally. Managing diversity makes us more creative, flexible, productive, and competitive.