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January 2018 Archives

Judge invalidates patent claims

Two competitors have been battling it out in a lawsuit that has lasted four years so far. A federal judge recently issued a ruling that has tipped the scales in favor of the defendant. Litigation began when one company accused the other of patent law infringement. Those in Kansas and Missouri who hold patents or are facing accusations of infringement may be interested in the details of this case.

2 more music stars battling over copyright law

A recent post on this blog discussed litigation that has erupted between an Australian song-writing team and several major music stars in the United States that many fans in Kansas and Missouri have been following. It seems another battle has arisen on the music front this week. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known on stage as Lana Del Rey has come out fighting, saying she intends to resolve the copyright law problem she is having with Radiohead in court.

McGraw, Hill and Sheeran accused of breaking copyright law

Millions of country music and pop music fans in Kansas and Missouri, as well as many other states throughout the nation, are familiar with married singing duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It's also hard to find someone who hasn't heard of Ed Sheeran; yet, not many may be aware that the three are currently named as co-defendants in a copyright law infringement case. The central issue in the lawsuit has to do with a song Sheeran wrote for McGraw and Hill to record together.

When does parody become infringement?

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music and own a dog, you might initially find humor in a company that cleverly melds the two together with plenty of puns. However, the trademark opposition lawsuit that the company now faces is quite a bit less light-hearted.

What's the secret to protecting trade secrets?

As a business owner, you've likely encountered many challenges throughout your journey, perhaps from the startup phase all the way through to when you began turning a profit. One might say that obstacles are par for the course in business; the key is to arm yourself with resources and a strong support network so you can overcome any problems that arise in a timely and economically feasible fashion. A particular area where many Kansas and Missouri business owners run into trouble has to do with trade secrets.

A pharmaceutical company using tribal immunity to protect patent

The patent system is designed to provide incentive and reward inventors for creating new, useful products by giving them a temporary monopoly after they register their patent. As protecting patents from patentability challenges becomes more difficult, companies are using new tactics.

Nintendo patent law battle not over yet

Why is the amount of $10 million so important to technology mogul, Nintendo, these days? It just so happens to be the amount of restitution Nintendo was ordered by the court to pay iLife Technologies following patent law litigation that is now working its way through the appeals process. It seems iLife continues to retain a stronghold, however, as Nintendo recently lost another round in the U.S. Court of Appeals. Those facing patent issues in Missouri may want to follow this case.


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