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September 2018 Archives

US Supreme Court: When can copyright owners sue for infringement?

On the U.S. Supreme Court’s current docket is a major copyright case called Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation v. Wall-Street.com, LLC, which will decide at what point in the federal copyright registration process the copyright owner can file a lawsuit in federal court for infringement of the copyright. 

Virginia Tourism taking aim at retailer for trademark dilution

“Virginia is for Lovers.” Most people associate this phrase with the well-known advertising campaign to attract tourists to visit the state of Virginia. In May, the Virginia Tourism Corp., the state’s tourism agency, sued Recovered Gold LLC in federal court for trademark dilution and infringement for using the phrase “Virginia is for Gun Lovers” on retail merchandise, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

Digitalization of trade secrets makes them less secure

At our law firm, we help clients in different industries to protect their trade secrets, meaning private commercial information that can be key to a company’s success. For example, trade secrets may include formulas, manufacturing processes, research, recipes, ingredients, customer lists and similar valuable information. 

What rights does a copyright protect?

A copyright protects original works of authorship, including literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works. If something is copyrighted, the originator or an assignee maintains exclusive legal rights to that work. But what rights, exactly, are protected?

Attorney Cheryl L. Burbach to speak at October IMA KC conference

We are proud to announce that Hovey Williams partner Cheryl L. Burbach will present on the topic “Do You Own Your Intellectual Property?” at the 2nd Annual IMA Kansas City Fall Conference on Friday, October 26. Her presentation will include important information on these topics: 


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