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December 2017 Archives

Trade secrets central topic of complex legal situation

In Missouri, Kansas and all other states, whistleblowers are protected by law from retaliation in the workplace when they report situations that are illegal or place others at risk. A former Uber transportation employee is a central figure in an ongoing legal battle that pertains to whistleblowing and trade secrets. Some say the man who used to work for Uber left the company as a whistleblower, stating he was not comfortable with its executive practices.

Sprint and Mediacom engaged in patent law battle

A federal court sitting in another state is handling an ongoing case involving telecommunications mogul, Sprint, and cable television and communications provider, Mediacom. The former has filed a lawsuit against the latter, claiming patent law violations. This particular situation is reportedly not the only litigation of its kind currently working its way through the nation's civil justice system. Missouri patent owners may want to keep close tabs on this developing story as it may relate to their own circumstances.

What is a cease and desist notice and when is it needed?

A cease and desist notice, frequently in the form of a letter, warns the addressee of illegal behavior that must be stopped to avoid further penalties. A cease and desist letter does not carry much legal bearing. Instead, it establishes offender notification should further legal action be necessary.

Company that sells its newsletters makes copyright law accusation

Missouri and Kansas business owners whose ventures include publishing and selling periodicals of some sort may wish to keep close tabs on a developing situation in another state. Copyright law is at the center of a debate where a publisher that sells its newsletters (at a rather expensive price) to subscribers claims some clients have broken the law by sharing their newsletters for free with non-subscribers. All told, there were over a dozen businesses that were being sued by the publisher.

Copyright law crucial toward creative expression protection

If you create an artistic piece of work in Missouri or Kansas, such as song lyrics, sheet music, a screenplay, etc., there are typically several ways to ensure the no one uses your work without permission in order to seek financial gain for themselves. Copyright law is a complex area of the law, but it is also the basic means for protecting your creative expressions. In fact, properly implemented, a copyright can protect your work decades after you die.


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