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A brief look at the gender gap between patent owners

What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers all have in common? Besides being props in Fight Club (a twisted examination of masculinity), they were all invented by women. This riddle also serves as an interesting anecdote since women are not typically associated with inventing things. Tyler Durden, the antagonist in Fight Club, makes this observation: "we're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need." Yes, Tyler-we do need women, and we need them inventing and patenting things.

Trademarked scent? Hasbro wants to trademark smell of Play-Doh

Research has proven that scent is a powerful memory trigger. The whiff of a scent can trigger a vivid memory, often linked to a feeling of being transported back in time. Smells are processed by an olfactory bulb, which connects to the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain, areas tied to emotion and memory. A popular toy manufacturer wants to capitalize on the powerful link between scent and brand loyalty.

When does parody become infringement?

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music and own a dog, you might initially find humor in a company that cleverly melds the two together with plenty of puns. However, the trademark opposition lawsuit that the company now faces is quite a bit less light-hearted.

A pharmaceutical company using tribal immunity to protect patent

The patent system is designed to provide incentive and reward inventors for creating new, useful products by giving them a temporary monopoly after they register their patent. As protecting patents from patentability challenges becomes more difficult, companies are using new tactics.


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